Paramount Ranch

Agoura, CA


This 10 acre estate is a restoration-in-progress with very specific (Winter 28 degree and Summer 100 degree) planting requirements.  The scale of this project necessitated dividing it into phases.  The initial phase was the Driveway Procession to the house.  Two specimen Agave marginata make a bold statement standing sentry at the street entrance in a bed of California crushed stone.

As guests proceed to the house they pass two islands harboring California Oaks (Quercus agrifolia) that seamlessly connect the property to the surrounding landscape.  Both islands were cleared of distracting shrub overgrowth to reveal the Oak’s natural beauty as well as massive granite boulders.   In the first island a “log guardrail” was re-purposed into a bench that the homeowners use as a respite on their walks around the grounds.

The second island in the motor court was planted with Agaves – vilmoriniana, weberii, and parryi, all compatible with the low water requirements of the Oak, then surrounded with California Gold stone to mirror the entry.

The remaining phase involved consolidation of plants (Agapanthus, Day Lilies, and Iris that were sporadically planted throughout the property), into mass plantings of “like” plants.  Over forty Rose Bushes have been replanted into a dedicated Rose garden.