Mailbu Road

Malibu, CA


This project had a singular intention – curb appeal.   With a planting area 18 inches by 26 feet our sights were set on maximum impact in minimal space.  We instantly seized the opportunity to train a mature Bouganvillea (San Diego Red) and under planted it with rescued (from another project’s demolition)   Agave attenuatta and Senecio mandraliscae .

The Bouganvillea was counter balanced with a blue (drawing from the house’s blue trim) conical container and planted with low maintenance succulents.   The viewer’s gaze is drawn up from the blue container to matching blue tiles on the privacy wall.   The yellow stucco wall serves as a perfect canvas for Phormium tenax – New Zealand Flax.  Finally the courtyard seating area opposite the street side wall re-captures the vibrant Bouganvillea .