Mar Vista Remodel

Mar Vista, CA


This remodel is a second home for the homeowner. The footprint is small (1,000 square feet of living space and a 4,300 square foot lot)  We collaborated closely with the homeowner and architect to maximize outdoor living space.

A front deck off of the kitchen affords opportunity for outdoor dining and the fire pit in the back yard is the focal point for the conversation area.  The front yard was enclosed with horizontal slatted fencing and a Podocarpus Hedge.  In keeping with a Low Maintenance mandate the ground cover is 1 inch coral pebble.

The back yard privacy is created with Alphose Karr Bamboo and Podocarpus.  The wall of the backyard studio was used as a canvas to frame three planters with Agave Nova.

Architect: HH Design
Photography: Dmitriy Bezinover
Amy Bartlam